Teacher in Taiwan Trends In Social Media Because Of her Charm And Beauty

Education is the key to success. Many people would definitely agree that finishing your studies and having your diploma will give you a brighter future. That is why children nowadays, even at a very tender age, are being taught to value their studies and give importance to the things they learn at school. And as education are important to students, teachers also play a vital role in nurturing every students’ future.

Many people oftentimes think of teachers as the most strict person inside a classroom. But there are also these kinds of students who think of them as angels of learning and knowledge. But this teacher in Taiwan seems to be a little bit different as she was dubbed as the “hottest teacher in Taiwan”. But how could an educator or a teacher, that is one of the noblest profession in the world, be called one?

Recently, teacher Cheng Jhia-wen went viral on different social media platforms as she teaches her students on her black dress. She was not just a beautiful and gorgeous teacher because she studies law at Chinese Culture University in Taipei and she also teaches an elective called the knowledge-based economy and intellectual property at the Chien Hsin University of Science and Technology in Taoyuan.

After her photos went viral online, her social media account had quickly earned 100,000 followers in just an instant. She is not just your typical beautiful and smart teacher as she is also an expert at Science and Technology law, E-commerce law, Comparative law and the International rule of law trends.

To top it all, she can also play some musical instruments like piano and flute that she usually share on her social media account. She is also a certified fashionista as she really looks like a celebrity or a model on the amazing photos she shares online. Because of all the incredible traits and amazing aspects she has, a lot of netizens commented that they wanted to go to school more often especially when they have a teacher like a teacher Cheng Jhia-wen. Who would have wanted to skip classes if you have a gorgeous and stunningly beautiful teacher in front of the class?

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