The Beautiful Daughter of Isko, Meet Frances Diane

 We all have our stories of ups and downs in our lives. A story of success, failure, achievement, sorrows, and happiness just like any other people around us. Most of us are still very grateful for the experiences we encountered in our lives may it be a good experience or a bad one. We become the best versions of ourselves as we learn so many things in life.

Not all people achieved their dreams for an instant. It was not an easy goal that when you wake up the other day, everything is all set on the way you wanted it to be. Just like the new elected Mayor of Manila, Isko Moreno. Who would have known that he came from a poor family? Being an only child, he had to work as early as 10 years old, pushing a cart and going house to house just to collect old newspapers, empty bottles and other junks that can still be sold in a local junk dealer. He would also search for food outside restaurants’ trash bins, and when he found a leftover food his mother will be the one to re-cook it for their dinner. It may seem just a story in movies or in books but it was indeed his own life story. And now that he is a successful man already, a lot of people look up to him, and they made him an inspiration in their lives as well.

Recently, the public was surprised that his daughter had grown up to be a beautiful and stunning young lady. Frances Diane is the unica hija of Mayor Isko Moreno born in 2000. Her other siblings are Vincent Patrick (1998), Joaquin Andre (2001), Franco Dylan (2006), and Drake Marcus (2012).

Frances Diane had turned 18 last year and her debut party was attended by a lot of their friends and families. She looks amazingly gorgeous and beautiful in her long red gown. She really looks like a celebrity and a lot of netizens were amazed by her admirable beauty and looks. She shares a lot of her photos online that actually garnered countless comments and reactions from the public. Would she be entering show business anytime soon?

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