Tinaguriang Pinoy Nostradamus, Nagbigay Ng Babala Ukol Sa Pagkasira Ng Mundo

We all grow up watching movies and television program about saving the earth to the countless numbers of the alien army or those creatures living on other planets that would eventually attack us and conquer the Earth. But before they did it, there will be superheroes to defeat them and brought peace on the planet once again.

However, there are also current issues about literally saving our planet Earth. As people became irresponsible and undisciplined, our resources became scarce, our land, water, and the air became polluted and after a few more years we are all gonna suffer from that negligence. But there was never a time that we convinced ourselves that there are actually some mysterious things in this world that we could not really control.

But recently, the public was brought into fear as a Pinoy psychic Jay Costura had predicted about this massive asteroid that can hit the Earth. And it seems that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration has the very same observation about it. It was also described by the NASA Chief Jim Bridenstine. He also adds that it was no joke nor a Hollywood film because it can really damage the place we are living in now.

There was actually this incident in 2013 where a 65 feet meteor crashed and exploded in Chelyabinsk, Central Russia. It was actually 30 times more destructive than the Hiroshima atomic bomb. The asteroid that was seen by NASA was a lot bigger than that and its size was equivalent to 3 football fields.

Jay Costura, a call center agent and known as the “Nostradamus” of the Philippines had actually dreamed about himself at the middle of a baseball field and he reminded everyone to be careful and pray because of the things that can possibly happen. We will never know when these tragic things will come that is why we should never ever be relaxed but rather we should always pray and seek guidance and protection from our Lord Jesus Christ whenever and wherever we are. As much as we wanted to keep our families and loved ones to be safe, we should also repent, ask forgiveness and protection from above.
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  1. Just like in the days of Noah... Polar shifting... the relocation of North Pole.