Zia Vs Daddy in What's In The Box Challenge

Marian Rivera-Dantes and her husband Dingdong Dantes surprised their fans and supporters with their amazing vlogs on their YouTube channel “The Dantes Squad” with 16 videos and 468 thousand subscribers already. The said vlog brought a lot of good vibes to many people. It already gained 909 thousand views in just 4 days since it was uploaded.

On the video, Marian Rivera who was still pregnant back then was the master of their game show entitled “The Dantes Squad Game Show Episode 1”. The game was actually a “what’s inside the box” kind of game where the contestants would guess the things, animals, or anything inside the box without looking at it and by just using their sense of touch. The first contestant to score the highest score will be the winner.

Daddy Dong and Ate Zia were very eager and happy as the show started. Mommy Marian was the one hosting the show. Who would have not laughed out loud together with this beautiful family as they were also very happy in doing the challenge? Many netizens also discovered that Daddy Dong was afraid of the “little ones” or those little mice, he could not even touch it when he saw it for the first time. But after some time and with the help of the convincing powers of her very beautiful wife and cute little angel Zia, he touched the little creature in just a second.

After seven rounds, Ate Zia was declared as the winner over Daddy Dong. They also had their prizes after the game and Ate Zia was so kind as to share some of her lollipops to her daddy. Daddy Dong had also one of his favorites as a prize and that is a “kamias”. They are really a picture of a very wonderful and beautiful family.

Now that Mommy Marian had already given birth to their second child Baby Ziggy, a lot of their fans and supporters could not help but be excited and wait patiently for more amazing and incredible videos together with the growing family of the Dantes Squad especially now that Baby Ziggy is here already.
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