Beautiful Kindergarten Teacher Viral In Social Media

Teaching was indeed known to be one of the noblest professions nowadays. The love and passion for the the the the the the education of many teachers, as well as their love and care for the teacher, are one of the most important things many aspiring teachers have now in their hearts and mind. No matter how hard it is to juggle teaching, family, and personal matters all at the same time, they still choose to be the best that they can be for their respective families and students. 

When the word “teachers” come to our minds, we oftentimes picture them as a conservative and strict old lady with their big eyeglasses on. But as years went by, it actually changed a lot. As a matter of fact, there was this kindergarten teacher who was admired by many people because of her gorgeous and alluring beauty. She undeniably looks like an angel with the kind of beauty she possessed.

But aside from being an admirable and beautiful teacher, there was also this thing that was really interesting about her. Because she actually have a pet but it was not just a simple pet because it is a snake. She named her snake, Damian.

Teacher Kheny Soliva Berco who hails from Bacolod City recently made rounds in different social media platforms. She graduated Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Major in Early Childhood Education. At first glance, you will never think she is a teacher because she really looks like a model.

She would often post photos of her together with Damian on her social media account. Teacher Kheny teaches children from 3 to 5 years old. It may be a difficult job to do but it was really amazing and such a rewarding job to some who really loves children and teaching.

A lot of netizens could not help it but admire her so much not just because of her love and passion for teaching but because of her exotic taste when it comes to her pets. She is not just a beautiful and loving teacher but she is also a pet lover that would definitely inspire other people to take care of their beloved pets as well.

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