CCTV Captures A Manager Doing This To His Coworkers

Many of us would have already experience working in some of the popular banks, malls, and fast food chains in our country today. It was a great opportunity and an amazing experience to be able to work with other people who share a lot of common interests like yours.

But it was never always perfect when it comes to socializing with people or being with different people at work. You may all have different likes and dislikes, you also have a lot of different opinions and perceptions about so many things but it can always be a good harmony to each and every one of you if you know how to respect other people as well as their feelings.

Even if they are your superiors or subordinates, you should know how to treat them well and they will surely treat you well as you did. Things can always be the way you want it or just the other way around but if you have the love, passion, and commitment on what you are doing, you can definitively be fine, happy, and contented.

Recently, this popular fast food chain manager was caught on camera doing something suspicious. It garnered a lot of positive comments and praise from people who saw the video on different social media platforms. The manager became a viral sensation after a CCTV video went viral online together with his two other female employees.

He was actually pranking the two employees while at work. He poked one of them while they are busy doing their jobs and he would also pretend that he was not the one doing that to them.

A lot of netizens were entertained on the viral video. They shared positive comments and reactions towards the video and some of them also wished that they could also have a funny and not so strict manager at work especially when all of you are tired and exhausted, a little bit of fun would definitely change everything. It is very important to be professional at work but we should also know that a little bit of fun would definitely help other people who are very tired and exhausted of their work and maybe it can also help them smile even just a little bit for a while.
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