Donnalyn Bartolom 24 Hours Jowa Challenge Goes Unexpected

Social media had brought a lot of entertainment and a lot of positive things nowadays. Not just to us Filipinos but to many people all around the world. Unlike before that we are used to watching only in televisions and in big screens, today we have our smartphones, laptops, computers and other gadgets that we can use to watch and entertain ourselves at the comfort of our homes.

No wonder that there are a number of people who engaged themselves in vlogging or the so-called “video blogging”. We can watch make-up tutorials and even cooking tutorials in some blogs, there were also famous personalities that showcase their amazing home, business, closets, and their workplace. Some vloggers even had this dare videos wherein they tried a lot of new things suggested by their followers and supporters. Just like the online personality Donnalyn Bartolome who tried the “24-hour Magjowa Challenge”.

The “24-hour Magjowa Challenge” is a popular online challenge that was made by a number of vloggers and even celebrities online. Donnalyn Jereos Bartolome is a 24-year-old Filipino YouTube video blogger, a singer, songwriter, rapper, and actress.

She had recently posted her video of the viral online challenge together with Sinon Loresca, he is known by many as the “King of Catwalk”. Even his Instagram videos have hundreds of thousands of views where he actually transforms normal pavements into runways, as he wears high heels and walks like a pageant queen.

Their collaboration video really earned a lot of positive comments and reactions from their fans and supporters. There are also some people who felt that their gestures toward one another were real. On the said video, Donna and Sinon had tried a lot of things that couples really do. They eat out at a fancy restaurant, they also tried a movie date, buying some groceries, they danced together and they even kissed each other! Sinon was the one who kissed Donna and she was very surprised to experience that with their 24-hour mag-jowa challenge.

At the end of their video, Sinon cooked a pancit canton for Donna and she really enjoyed eating that. They also thanked everyone who watched and support the video.
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