FAMILY GOALS : Family Works Out For 6 Months , The Result Amazes Netizens

It just felt so good and amazing to eat all your favorite foods isn’t? Especially when we are used to satisfying our cravings every single day. Many of us believe that we should never deprive ourselves with foods. But why is it so hard to take some time to exercise? Well, as we all know, and most of us are guilty of doing, is to burn all the extra fats we gain from indulging ourselves into so many foods.

We often forget that the foods we eat are the foods we put inside our body and would definitely reflect outside and would really affect our body and health in the long run. Recently, this Chinese family went viral on different social media platforms as they inspired everyone with their amazing work out results. It was not just a single person or couple who worked out but the whole family!

The family did their routine for six months and the results were really amazing! The idea came from Jesse, who is a photographer. He wanted to have his family have a healthier lifestyle and it became successful as they had helped and supported each other. He convinced his father to run with him every single day. It actually started when his father loses his passion in life because of his alcohol addiction and a a a beer belly.

The father and son tandem started fast-walking and they give in to jogging afterward. After several days, they added more exercises to their everyday routine. Jesse tracks their bodies’ measurement every 10 days. But it was not only the two of them who enjoyed the benefits of healthy living as his mother and his wife joined them as well. Jesse revealed that the most rewarding result was to see his father have his confidence again.

A lot of netizens were amazed by the amazing transformation of the family. They is also a great inspiration to a lot of families who wanted to live a healthier life together. True enough that a family who exercises and burns the fats together can definitely live longer together!

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