Good Bye Eddie Garcia, Veteran Filipino Actor passes away at 90

This afternoon at 4:55, June 20, the Makati Medical Center formally announced the passing of the 90-year-old Veteran actor, Mr. Eddie Garcia, which was posted in their medical bulletin.
It has been all over the news last June 8 about what happened to Mr. Eddie Garcia on having a heart attack during his taping on his new series with the Kapuso GMA Network, some said that it is due to the heat of the day that resulted to his collapsed.

But the real reason behind this incident, is when he tripped and collapsed, that he was not able to support himself leading him to be off balanced, which resulted to damage his spine specifically his C1 and C3 vertebrae. They even reviewed the footage on the CCTV camera, and it was confirmed that it is due to that cable where he tripped.

He was initially brought to Mary Johnston Hospital and later transferred to Makati Medical Center. He was confined in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for some observations and development. Before the family announced his condition, it was reported instantly that he already passed away, but he was actually in the Intensive Care Unit for monitoring.

Just this afternoon, a lot of showbiz personalities expressed their condolences and grief for the loss of one great actor. To quote from his philosophy as an actor way back in 2012, “Do it well, no matter how small.” This no doubt gives us the idea why he would always play his role on any films or series outstandingly.

It will always be sad moment seeing the departing and a loss of a good actor. He had been with the local showbiz industry for more than half a century, and he is truly valued, no matter how small his character, he would always make sure that he will leave a mark to the Filipino audience
Truly, Mr. Eddie Garcia is one of the valuable pieces of gem in this industry, and he had made friends and witnessed the different grown actors and actresses. May he rest in peace.
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