Hipon GIrl Begs Willie Revillame Not To Remove Her in Wowowin

Wowowin had been one of the most watched programs in the country today. It is a program in GMA network every weekday that helps a lot of Filipino people especially those who are in need and less fortunate. The popular host of the program is Willie Revillame popularly known as Kuya Wil. Many people ask help from him and always help them out especially those elderly and special children.

No wonder that he really touched a lot of lives and had helped so many people with his kindness and generosity. Even his co-hosts in the show revealed how generous Kuya Wil is. Recently, Herlene "Hipon Girl" Budol, a former contestant in one of the segments in the show became one of his co-hosts in Wowowin.

Her video went viral as she became emotional when Kuya Wil told her that it would be her last day in the program. Hipon Girl mentioned about how she juggles work and school. She had been very grateful to her school as they granted her a full-scholarship on her Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management course. But Kuya Wil advised her that studies are very important to her and he only wanted her to be successful in the future and because of that it will be her last day as a co-host in the show.

She became emotional and cried a lot for she only wanted to finish her school and to work as a host at the same time. She had also shared how she became a waitress and a student at the same time. She never fails to amaze everyone with how she handles all the experiences she had been a waitress. She encountered some guests who would shout at her unrespectfully because they wanted the foods they ordered right away.

It garnered a lot of positive comments and reactions from the public as she tries her very best to finish her studies despite her struggling financially. It also inspires a lot of Filipinos to prioritize their studies more than anything else even though it means a lot of sacrifices and hardships throughout their journey.

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