Indonesian Students Singing "Buwan" By JK Labajo Goes Viral In Socmed

Juan Karlos Labajo is an 18-year-old singer-songwriter, guitarist, television personality, and occasional actor. He is also the frontman of the Juan Karlos Band. He became the third placer in “The Voice Kids Philippines Season 1” aired from June to July 2014.

He also engaged himself in acting portraying a role in the popular drama anthology “Maalala Mo Kaya” as himself. In 2014, he also played the role as Charles Kenneth (CK) Rodriguez in “Hawak-Kamay” and in “Pangako Sa’Yo” as Vincent “Amboy” Mobido. He was also a part of the defunct Philippine romantic family drama, “A Love To Last” as the son of Iza Calzado and Ian Veneracion’s characters, Lucas Noble.

“Buwan” had been a great hit for many Filipino people. Almost everyone knew the lyrics of the song and even young children know how to sing the popular hit. No wonder that it had reached a lot of people even in other foreign countries. Recently, Indonesian students went viral as they imitate the popular song from the Philippines. They may really look like Filipinos physically but their language and mother tongue was still very different.

The viral video already earned more than 2 million views and it was shared by Ernie Veniegas Productions. Indonesian students tried their very best to reach the high notes and to imitate the way the song was sung by Juan Karlos. Different male students tried to sing the song and showcased their talent. A lot of Filipino people were so proud that a song from a Filipino band had actually reached other countries. Because of its amazing harmony and rhythm, even other nationalities could not help but sing their heart out.

It had also shared a lot of good vibes from netizens. Many of them had hilarious comments and reactions about the viral video. One netizen commented that the Philippines might be so proud because Indonesian students had recognized a Filipino song. While some also commented on how it made them laugh in a good way and it had also made their day. It was also an overwhelming feeling to some Filipino people that Indonesians sings our song. It was also noticeable that their physical looks are similar to our physical appearance.
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