Jeric Raval's Beautiful Daughter Visits It's Showtime

We may already know a lot of celebrities nowadays and had admired most of them on how they carry themselves and how they showcase their talents and skills to many people all around the world.

But aside from their amazing talents, personalities, beliefs, and physical appearances, many of us could not help but love and admire their families especially their children as well. The children of those famous celebrities are admired and loved by the fans and supporters of their parents. Not only for the reason that they really look like their parents but there are also some times when they also inherit their incredible talents, hobbies, and interests.

Just like this father and daughter tandem of the famous action star Jeric Raval and his stunning, gorgeous, and beautiful daughter Janina Raval. The “KapareWho” segment of ABS-CBN’s noontime program “It’s Showtime” features different single men and women who wanted to find some friends through the show. The couple that will be paired afterward will be the ones to enjoy their an awesome prize together with a cash prize.

Janina Raval also known as “Jab Well Done” stuns the public with her stunning and gorgeous looks that even the “It’s Showtime” host Ryan Bang could not resist. Janina also shared that she only believes in one man and that is her father, Jeric Raval. According to her, she loves to eat any kinds of food, using her smartphone and to exercise a lot. On the other hand, Jeric Raval had a very sweet message for her daughter saying, “‘Yang mapipili mo, kapag hindi matino yan, yari sa akin yan.”

A lot of netizens could not help but be amazed by how lovely the daughter of Jerick Raval is. She would definitely have a place in the show business industry. Many people admire her because of her sweet personality and beautiful face. A lot of her people could not help but wait for her to finally enter the show business industry.

Ricardo Buensuceso or simply Jeric Raval is a 43-year-old action star who became famous in the ‘90s. Some of his popular movies include “Sagot Ko Ang Buhay Mo”, “Bagansya”, and “Anghel dela Guardia”.

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