Joko Diaz' Beautiful Daughter Ready To Enter Showbiz

Being a parent to a child is a very rewarding and wonderful experience anyone could ever wish for. Though many people would say that it is very hard to be a parent, most parents will certainly agree that all the sacrifices and the struggles are all worth it!

Time just flies so fast and you would not even notice that there had been a lot of changes in your life. Especially when you’re a parent and your child is growing so fast, you didn’t even notice that they are already a lovely lady or a handsome young man.

Recently, the daughter of actor Joko Diaz stunned a lot of netizens with her gorgeous beauty and new looks. She is now sporting a short hairstyle that really complements with her looks. Ashley posted a photo of her on her social media account with a caption of “Hello” together with her photo.

Just like her father, she may also have a place in the show business industry. Joko Diaz seems to be very close to her daughter, she even posted a sweet message on his father’s birthday last April. A lot of netizens could not help but commend her with her beautiful and charming looks. Many of them praised her and told her how gorgeous she is and how her new hairstyle complemented her beauty.

Francisco Diaz, Jr. also known as Joko Diaz is a Filipino actor and action star working since 1980. He has done a number of films, sometimes being known as the antagonist or sometimes being a leading man in action movies. He is also known as the son of the late action star, Paquito Diaz.

He is married to his non-showbiz wife, Abigail, and they were blessed with two children: Ashley and Pacquie. He also has another daughter named Nicole de Leon, from his previous relationship with actress Angelu De Leon. Recently, he portrays the role of Hector in the Kapamilya television show, “Kadenang Ginto” who was actually a villain in the life of Romina Mondragon portrayed by Beauty Gonzales and the lover of Daniela Bartolome portrayed by Dimple Romana.

True enough that having a child especially a daughter to many fathers out there seems to complete their experience as a parent. And what’s most inspiring is that a family that has a lot of love, respect and faith will always be a wonderful blessing from above!

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