KILAY IS LIFE , Woman's Eyebrow Tattoo Gone Wrong


Have you ever heard of the phrase “Kilay is life”? It has been a very important ritual to a lot of women out there to do their eyebrows before going somewhere or just before going out of their houses. Believe it or not, but a number of women would agree that they can eventually leave their house without lipsticks on their lip, eyeshadows on their eyes, mascara, and blush-on but they could never leave their home without doing their brows.

It seems that it already became a standard norm in our society for many women to wear brows just to feel beautiful and become presentable especially when they are going out. But recently, many netizens were shocked to know about the story of this woman who had her brows tattoed but eventually repent after she saw the result.

Kanyarat Chaichan is a 26-year-old woman from Thailand who experienced so much disappointment after she saw the 1cm wide eyebrow she had after having an eyebrow tattoo for a cheaper price. She revealed that her eyebrow tattoo was done by an inexperienced artist. She was very devastated on what she saw and wished that she shouldn’t have to do what she has done just to have that perfect looking eyebrow.

When she thought that all the hopes are gone for her eyebrows to be fixed again because she did not have enough money for it, there was this helpful and kind-hearted beauty therapist who is willing to give her a free corrective treatment worth 50,000 baht, or about $1,600. On March 21, she traveled to Surat Thani, Thailand to have her brows fixed. But she would have to wait after six months to totally fix her eyebrows and see the results.

Her story had been a great lesson for other women out there to be careful most of the time especially when the effect of it will be permanent and will be very difficult to change. We should also do our part in taking good care of our own body and every part of it because no one else would ever do that for us.

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