PBB Housemate Fumiya Shows Basketball Skills

Filipinos enjoy a lot of sports nowadays. We are fond of playing those sports with families and friends for leisure and to bond with each other.  We actually have a lot of sports including basketball, boxing, tennis, football, billiards, and volleyball.

Recently, Fumiya Sankai shared a video of him playing basketball with some of his Filipino friends in Japan. He really seems very much happy as he also enjoyed the company of his Pinoy friends. It was a 10-minute video shared on Facebook on “Fumiya Sankai-Global Rangers Unofficial” last March 10. It already earned more than 18.7 thousand reactions and more than 4.8 thousand shares.

He also had this very “millennial” way of saying “Ginagawa mo?”. If you are a certified Filipino by heart you will definitely know what it means and its purpose. The shared video also gained so many reactions from the netizens.
Some people say that he wanted to be the bridge of friendship between Japan and the Philippines and they do not doubt about his intentions as he really loved so many things about us Filipinos.

Fumiya Sankai is the 24-year-old YouTube vlogger and student from Japan. He is one of the Big Four Finalists of the Pinoy Big Brother Otso Adult Edition. He had captured the hearts of many Filipinos not just because of his jolly and bubbly personality but because of his pure and genuine love for the Philippines. He usually shares a video of him as he immerses himself with the ordinary Filipino people while exploring the beauty, culture, and traditions of our country.

He also had his own version of different Tagalog songs and Ex Battalion’s lHayaan Mo Sila”. He loves spicy foods and Pinoy calderata but he really doesn’t like any kinds of fruits. He was also the first ever pure Japanese to enter the PBB house. You will definitely be surprised to know how much he loves Filipino people and all the things about the Philippines.

He was indeed a great inspiration to a lot more Filipino people for loving our country’s cultures and traditions especially every Filipino people he would have a chance to meet to love and appreciate our beloved country as much as he did. No wonder that he was welcomed by a lot of Filipinos here and abroad.
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