Toni Gonzaga Reveals Her Most Favorite PBB Housemate

We have our own standards when it comes to the people we admire and idolize. We get inspired by the people in our family, our relatives or even with the popular celebrities we usually watch on televisions. It was not only their talents, skills, the way they dress and their physical appearance that caught our attention but most of all are their beliefs, personality and the way they see the real meaning of life.

Toni Gonzaga, an award-winning actress, and veteran host recently admitted in one of her interviews with “MotherBibs Arboleda’s blog” her favorite PBB housemate. Toni has been one of the original house of the reality talent search, Pinoy Big Brother popularly known as PBB of ABS-CBN network.

The vlog of MotherBibs Arboleda was entitled “TONI GONZAGA: what she is now & what she’s become & the Best Marriage Tips!” It showcases how Toni Gonzaga transformed into a young, beautiful woman to a great wife and an amazing mother to her family. Though over the years she still remains to be bubbly and a jolly person it motherhood really changed her as she became more mature and responsible in everything she does because she already has her son.

She shared some of the experiences she had and some marriage tips she really agreed on as she and her husband Director Paul Soriano is celebrating their 12 years together as a couple. She was also vocal about how strict their parents are when it comes to a romantic relationship with men because their parents, Mommy Pinty and Daddy Bonoy wanted the best for her and her younger sister Alex Gonzaga.

She also advised everyone that one of the best marriage tips she had from someone that she really believed into was that marriage is a union of two forgivers. Husband and wife should never let ego and pride ruined their marriage. They should know how to forgive even the smallest and simplest thing their spouse has done to them that caused misunderstanding and arguments because they will never know when those small mistakes can explode and break their relationship.

It is also very important to communicate as communication is one of the best and strongest foundations of married couples nowadays. She revealed that as years went by on their marriage, they become more open to each other and never wanted to have grand gestures or expensive material things just to celebrate occasions, a simple dinner date together is enough for them.

When she was asked about who is her favorite PBB housemate, she immediately says the name of Melai Cantiveros because of her amazing and genuine personality that moved her and her family. And as of now, she would never think of any PBB housemate more than she admired the “Umagang Kay Ganda” host.

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