WALANG TATAWA CHALLENGE : Funny Moments With Kim, Melai, Robi And Alex

Alex Gonzaga or Catherine Cruz Gonzaga in real life is a 31-year-old Filipina television host, singer, actress, comedienne, vlogger, and author. She is admired by a lot of people because of her “kalog” personality. She is the younger sister of popular Kapamilya actress and host Toni Gonzaga.

Though she really looks like her elder sister Toni, their personalities are really different from each other. Toni seems to be a quiet person while Alex is her opposite, Toni is a bit more serious and strict while Alex is a funny and bubbly person. But despite their differences, they are truly one of the most in-demand hosts and actresses of their generation.

Aside from being a great and prominent actress, comedienne and host, Alex is also a vlogger. She already had 3.7 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and her vlogs had several numbers of views. Recently, she posted this “Walang Tatawa Challenge” together with her fellow co-hosts in the “Pinoy Big Brother” Kim Chiu, Melai Cantiveros and Robi Domingo.

The video started out to be full of fun and laughter, as the “Chinita Princess” Kim Chiu never fail to laugh whenever Melai and Alex crack a joke on her or they did something funny. Though she taught that she will be losing the challenge a lot more sooner than the other, she was still a great sport to continue their “Walang Tatawa Challenge”.

Melai Cantiveros, Kim Chiu, and Robi Domingo started out the challenge while Alex Gonzaga is the one telling them stories to make them laugh and eventually spit out the water on their mouths to the face of each other. Alex told them a childhood story that would really make anyone burst into laughter. Though there was no winner on this round, Robi seems to be very competitive to the point that he didn’t want to drink the water on his mouth nor spit it out on Kim or Melai.

The next round was for Kim, Alex and Robi wherein Melai will be the one to crack a joke. But even though she did not yet finish on her joke, Kim suddenly burst into laughter and spit out the water on her mouth in front of the camera! All of them enjoyed the challenge so much!

Even the netizens also had a lot of positive comments and reactions for the video. It was really an amazing video that would really make your bad day, a little bit fun anyway.
WALANG TATAWA CHALLENGE : Funny Moments With Kim, Melai, Robi And Alex WALANG TATAWA CHALLENGE : Funny Moments With Kim, Melai, Robi And Alex Reviewed by Boom on 11:42 PM Rating: 5

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