Waterfall Restaurant in The Philippines Viral In Social Media

Filipinos are known to be very close to their families and relatives. Even when the children already have their own respective families, they are still living with their parents that is why many of us are living with an extended family which is compost of a grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, the parents, the children living in just one roof.

We also enjoyed traveling and eating together with our beloved families. We usually go to resorts, beaches, and other tourist spots where we indulge ourselves in delectable foods as well as the magnificent view and amazing tourist destinations of many beautiful places here in the Philippines and even abroad.

But would you believe that there is actually a world-class restaurant located in the Philippines? It was such a fun, nature adventure that every family members would definitely love.

The interesting and one of a kind restaurant that sits at the base of a waterfall is called the “Labassin Waterfalls”. It was actually located on a former coconut plantation spot in San Pablo City. It really became popular to many locals and tourists because of its amazing concept and location.

The Waterfalls Restaurant gave that “watery thrill” together with a beautiful ambiance where the feet of the guests are soaked in the water while eating. Their bamboo tables are right next to the man-made cascade, Labassin Falls.

Many people were surprised that it was actually man-made because the falls actually run-off from a nearby dam. The unique setting of the restaurant really caught a lot of people because you can instantly and easily splash unto the water after you enjoyed and finished their delectable local Filipino dishes’ buffet.

It was just a 3-hour drive from Manila. When you arrived at Villa Escudero Resort, you will experience to ride their carts pulled by water buffalos just to get to the restaurant.

Many people would definitely love to visit this kind of place that is very calming and serene. You will definitely forget all the stress and exhaustion you had from work after enjoying this incredible experience. And besides, who wouldn’t enjoy good food, and an incredible place just like this? This place is really a must-try for everybody who wanted to relax and unwind even just for a while.

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