What Happened to Eddie Garcia, Expert Says Not Heart Attack

Yesterday, the netizens were in shocked on the news that the 90-year-old veteran Filipino actor Mr. Eddie Garcia experienced a heart attack during the shoot for Kapuso GMA show. It made people very much worried for the well being on the actor, and some made speculations that it must be stroke or aneurysm because of the summer heat and the taping was done outdoors, or some mentioned that it is maybe because of his old age. There are also fake news spreading that he already passed away.
But the real reason behind this incident, is when he tripped and collapsed, that he was not able to support himself leading him to be off balanced, which resulted to damage his spine specifically his C1 and C3 vertebrae.

He was first sent to Mary Johnston Hospital and later transferred to Makati Medical Center. He was confined in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for some observations and development.

"Manoy Eddie Garcia is at a taping this Saturday morning when he suffered from a severe heart attack. He is still under critical observation and all his doctors are doing their best to assure that he gets the best care,” stated by one of his relatives yesterday, where they believed it was due to this heart attack that caused his condition.

This Sunday morning, June 9, the GMA Network Inc. Management issued their official statement regarding the video caught during the incident.

"The video of Mr. Eddie Garcia faltering in his steps and eventually collapsing has reached GMA. We are seriously reviewing the said video as well as other videos of the same scene which our cameras also took before we make any conclusions on what really transpired."

Mr. Eddie Garcia’s stepson, Nick mentioned that they will immediately issue a formal update about Mr. Garcia’s condition, and they are asking the public to say a prayer for his quick recovery.
At this point we cannot afford to lose one great actor, as he had contributed a lot to the Philippine entertainment industry, or would it be fine if he will stop from joining the show business and retire? What do you think? Let us join in this prayer.
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