Wife Trends in SocMed After Unfriending Husband in FB

We all benefit from modern technology and modern gadgets nowadays. There had been a lot of things that are made easy because of those modern things and modern technology. We are able to communicate with our families, relatives and friends more frequently, more conveniently, and much easier nowadays unlike before.

Even the way we acquire learnings seem to be much convenient than before as it was just a click away if we needed something in school or even at work. But would you believe that modern technology and modern gadgets have also negative effects on the way we communicate with other people?

Recently, this wife went viral on different social media platforms because she unfriended her husband on social media! Many people were shocked and curious about the reason of the wife why she would do that to her husband when in fact it had been a normal thing for many of us to have our other half or significant other to be friends with one another in social media.

Nicole Joanne Meilat shared her reason on her social media account why she deleted her husband on her friend’s list on Facebook. As of this writing, the viral post already earned more than 47 thousand shares and 65 thousand reactions.

Nicole shared how social media had been very stressful for her lately as she would often tag and mention her husband on Facebook but he would not even reply or give interest on those. On the other hand, her husband would often reply to his friends' posts online.

She also revealed that it has been an online norm to everybody that if you tell anyone “I Love You”, there should always be a reply and that is “I Love You Too”. It actually takes more than a few weeks after her husband discovered that they are no longer friends on Facebook.

“And narealize ko sobrang unhealthy ng Social Media sa magpartner kailangan scripted dahil alam mong may ibang nakakabasa. Yung tipong pag pag nag i love you ka, kailangan may mag i love you too. Ganon kastressful haha!”, Nicole wrote.

Her viral post was admired by a lot of Filipino especially those wife who often experienced the same with their husbands.

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