Bea Alonzo Reacts to Gerald Anderson and Julia Barretto Viral Photo

Many people are guilty of being a hopeless romantic kind of person, or a person that can do anything for love. Love has been one of the many things in this world that keep us going, keep us alive and that keeps us fighting. Because of that simple but very powerful word, many of us got inspired to strive harder in life and to achieve our dreams and goals in life. Many of us can actually do so many things because of it and it is also one of our greatest weaknesses.

No wonder that many of us were really hooked with some of the most admired and the most famous celebrity love teams in the Philippines. We also wished that their on-screen chemistry would have made it to the next level and that is a real-life romance for them.

But it was just recently when Joshlia, one of the most admired love team of their generation, Joshua Dionisio and Julia Barretto admits that they are now back as best of friends and will forever remain to be. A lot of their fans and supporters were saddened by the news but they were still very professional on their crafts and for their beloved supporters and fans that will always support them all the way.

One of the most trending issues in the online community is the viral photos of actor Gerald Anderson and Julia Barretto. Many netizens also assumed that the cryptic post of actress Bea Alonzo about making the same mistakes twice was about them.

The sweet photos of Julia and Gerald earned a lot of comments and reactions from the public. Many commented that Gerald is such a gentleman to Julia and that they really looked good together. The photos of their said, “private vacation” surfaced online where they are riding a boat going to their destination and Julia wearing a black one-piece swimsuit.

Julia Francesca Barretto Baldivia is a 22-year-old actress, model, and endorser. She is the daughter of actor and comedian Dennis Padilla and actress Marjorie Barretto. She has two other siblings, Claudia and Leon, an older maternal half-sister, Dani, and a younger maternal half-sister, Erich.

Meanwhile, Bea Alonzo posted a cryptic message to her instagram a black photo with a caption of "you can’t make the same mistake twice, the second time you make it, it’s not a mistake anymore, it’s a choice” ENOUGH.

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