Boyfriend Travelled Thousands of Miles To Surprise Girlfriend

Being in love is one of the best and amazing feeling we could ever experience. It is a wonderful blessing from above to finally met a very special person who can be your best partner, best buddy and best companion for everything. It would be so nice to have that special someone with you during your victory and even during your hardships in life. When you have that special person in your life, you would probably have a great inspiration with everything you do and with the goals and dreams you have in the future.

But a long-distance relationship is really one of the hardest challenges a couple would face. Time, effort, and being physical there are the best gifts you could ever give your partner. Being loyal, faithful, and honestly makes the foundation of the relationship much stronger. That is why this guy felt really devastated after he witnessed such an awful scene when he just wanted to surprise her girlfriend on her birthday.

The video of the couple went viral online where a guy who was wearing a teddy bear mascot traveled 2,400 kilometers just to surprise his girl but he was shocked instead by what he saw. He saw his girlfriend with another man whose arms were folded on his girl’s body. It was really a heart-breaking scene seeing your special someone enjoying her day with another man. The guy eventually removed the head of the mascot revealing his face which was recognized by her girlfriend.

The girlfriend was really shocked that she immediately run unto her original boyfriend but the guy in teddy bear mascot just continue walking so fast. The girlfriend runs as fast as she could to talk to her boyfriend. She hugged him very tight and even begged for his forgiveness. But the netizens and the uploader of the video don’t know if they had eventually reconciled after or if the second guy knew about the girl’s current relationship with the man inside the teddy bear mascot.

It was really a saddening scene to saw the one you love happy with another man or another woman but we should always keep in mind that if you really love a person you wouldn’t do anything that could ruin your relationship.
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