Brazil's Snake Island " Isla Na Punong Puno Ng mga Ahas "

If you would be given a million to stay in an island with venomous snakes for an hour, would you be willing to take that challenge? With all the risks of getting bitten and be surrounded by this kind of reptile?

In an island of Brazil somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean named Iiha de Queimada Grande was believed to be deserted and only venomous snakes are the one that inhabits it. The 110-acre island has almost half a million slithering creatures and the most venomous snake called Bothrops Insularis or Golden Lancehead Pit Viper, since there are no human beings who live in the island, the common diet of these snakes are the migratory birds that visit the island.

According to scientists, even when you have the antidote for its poison, it can only give you a 3% life chance of survival. And when bitten, it will only give you an hour or less to survive.

One of the features of the venom of the Golden Lancehead is it can melt the flesh of a human and it is three to five times stronger compared to other poisonous venoms, that it can easily flow on the bloodstream , making him/her paralyzed affecting the body systems like the brain and the heart.

According to folktales, the island was believed to be part of the mainland 11,000 years ago, then due to the increase of the water level, this part of the land was isolated and the snakes were trapped inside the island. Stories of victims are also spread on the mainland about this snake island, there was one when a certain lifeless man was seen on his boat on the shore, and it was believed that the cause of this is a snake’s bite.

In 1909 there was a light house built in the island to warn ships not to land on this dangerous place. One time a family who manages the light house was attacked by these snakes that’s why the government decided to leave the island alone, and only the scientists or the navy were allowed to step on it. Some collectors and scientists are willing to buy this specie for it costs from $10,000 to $30,000 or more than a million peso.What do you think? Would you be interested to visit this snake island?
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