Dancing Isko Morena Trends In Social Media, Netizens Love it

We witnessed a lot of famous celebrities and personalities enter the world of politics. Many people may be surprised that despite the chaotic world of show business, they still managed to be in the noisy, unpredictable, and chaotic world of politics. One of those famous celebrities who entered politics is the newly elected mayor of Manila, Mayor Isko Moreno.

Recently, Mayor Isko Moreno wowed a lot of netizens because of his amazing dance moves that were actually caught on camera. The newly elected Mayor of Manila danced beautifully as their neighborhood plays a very loud groovy music not so far away from Mayor Isko's home. Many netizens could not help but find it so cool for a public servant to be as groovy as Mayor Isko.

Mayor Isko Moreno had recently made rounds not just on different social media platforms but on national television as well because of the all the things he wanted to organize and help in keeping Manila a peaceful, beautiful and clean place not just for its citizens but for many people as well.

Mayor Isko or Francisco Moreno Domagoso in real life is a 44-year-old politician. He is the 27th mayor and a former Vice Mayor of the City of Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, and also a former three-term councilor of the city's first congressional district.

He is also a former actor in the show business industry whose screen name was Isko Moreno. He had started his career as a matinee idol and later became known for his mature roles in some films that were really a hit and very popular in the country during the 1990s.

He ties the knot with his non-celebrity girlfriend named Diana Lynn Ditan since 2000. They were blessed with five children namely: Vincent Patrick who was born 1998, Frances Diane who was born in 2000, Joaquín André who was born in 2001, Franco Dylan born in the year 2006, and Drake Marcus who was born in 2012.

He is now one of the best show business personality turned politician because of his advocacies and plans that are becoming successful each and every day according to many people and netizens.
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