Fans Are Worried About Celine Dion Over Skinny Look

The human body is one of the most amazing and wonderful creations of the Lord. We are all astounded as we see the beauty of our own self, with every single part of our body that we are blessed to have. Our body is such a complex and intricate creation ever. From the tip of our hair to the tip of our toenails, and to every organs and part of our body that we have, we are always left in awe by how great is the Lord who created us all!

That is why a lot of people are against body shaming and body dissatisfaction wherein some people often judged by other people based on their physical appearance or body weight. And they usually say a lot of negative and hurtful words without even realizing that there will be people who can be hurt by their foul words.

But it was not just the ordinary people who experienced body shaming and insults from other people because even our favorite local and international celebrities experienced the same too. Just like the world-renowned singer Celine Dion whose name and photos recently surfaced in different social media platforms because of her “scarily thin” body.

The viral photo was posted by the Vogue Australia where the 51-year-old singer is wearing an Iris van Herpen outfit during the fashion week. The Vogue captioned the photo and they quote, “Celine Dion has become a regular fixture at the haute couture shows and as the seasons progress it’s becoming clear that she might just be couture’s biggest fan.” Although it already received more than 3,000 likes, a lot of her fans and supporters especially the netizens were surprised and worried about the singer’s health condition as she really looks very thin than before.

But, the popular singer hits back on the people who are fond of body shaming after her weight loss. She said that she really felt strong, feminine, sexy and beautiful. She also added that if the people loved it, she will be there but if they don't might as well leave her alone.

Céline Marie Claudette Dion is a famous Canadian singer with a net worth of $700 million. She came from a big family and had fallen in love with her manager and late husband Rene Angelil and they were blessed with three children. René-Charles Angélil, their first son was born on 25 January 2001, and a healthy fratern twin they named Eddy and Nelson.

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  1. La amo la abmiro y todo mi respecto en cuanto a su vida y forma de ser sigye adelante quiero que nos dures mucho mucho mas