If You Work In The Hospital , You Will Never Be Alone

A certain Fabio Silva, who is a resident doctor in the Hospital de Clinicas Dr. Radames Nardini, located in Brazil uploaded a series of photos which he captioned, “SE VOCÊ TRABALHA EM UM HOSPITAL, VOCÊ NUNCA ESTÁ TÃO SOZINHO” (If you work in a hospital, you're never so alone.)

A hospital is a witness of different success and sorrowful stories, and it is one of the places where it will never be seen empty. It is also one establishment where life starts and life ends. That according to paranormal experts, there is a great magnetic vibe where ghosts or souls of the departed can be found lurking everywhere.

There are several ghost stories which were shared from one mouth to the other like the ghost who is often seen inside the morgue, a white lady, a little girl on the hallway etc. Some would say they hear sobs or wails, or sometimes screams, but there is no person that can be seen around.

On the photos shared, you will see silhouettes of the departed, maybe because these souls have not accepted yet that they do not belong to the living world anymore. Some can be seen on the lobby, some will include themselves on group photos among the hospital doctors and nurses, on laboratories, at the end of every hallway.

Some might say that these photos may have been manipulated, and they would not believe these paranormal evidences. Maybe because of the availability of technology where you can easily edit and manipulate the printed output. But what we should take into considerations will be the stories of those people who have experienced these paranormal phenomena.

We can hear the spookiest and creepiest stories from the nurses or the doctors, so try to imagine the situations they endure, aside from the people who is struggling for life, there are also the souls from the other side. Some may say that to see is to believe, but there are certain things that you will not see instead you will hear or feel it. Have you tried staying at the hospital for a night and have felt those sudden chills, unusual screams or that deafening silence? Share your experience with us!

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