Kris Aquino Reacts On Bea, Gerald and Julia Issue

In our society nowadays, there had been a lot of controversies and issues we often talked about with almost every little single thing under the sun. We oftentimes heard and watched issues about our country, the government, inflations, calamities and the like. There were also some issues about our favorite celebrities that many of us had been affected so much. Especially when they were actually the same celebrities we really admire and look up to.

Recently, the name of the Kapamilya actress Julia Barretto made rounds on different social media platforms as she was allegedly having a special relationship with her “Between Maybes” co-star, Gerald Anderson. There were sweet photos of them circulating online, earning a lot of hateful comments and negative reactions from the public.

It actually started after Bea Alonzo posted cryptic messages on her social media account about betrayal which her fans and supporters assumed that was about her current boyfriend that time, Gerald Anderson. On the other hand, Julia’s mother defended her saying that it was not a “date” or a “private vacation” of Julia and Gerald but it was actually the birthday party of their fellow actor. There were also some reports from a reliable source that Dennis Padilla talked to Gerald on the phone wanting to clarify things regarding his daughter Julia, but the actor admitted to Dennis that his relationship to Bea was already done and he is now courting Julia. However, actress Bea Alonzo finally breaks her silence and revealed that to her understanding, they never broke up because Gerald just stops talking to her.

It was just recently when the Queen of All Media, Kris Aquino commented on the said issue as she was asked by a fan online to kindly asked the Erich about her opinion on Julia-Gerald-Bea issue. The netizen posted on Kris Aquino’s Instagram photo with Erich and her family saying, “Kris, ask naman Erich about Julia-Bea feud.”

Kris Aquino replied that he or she should not think negatively. If it was not our own life much better not to talk about it nor asked other people who were not directly involved in the said issue. She had been very transparent as well saying that everybody knows that she loves Bea and it would unfair for Julia to be judged by her and any other people. The renowned host and actress also emphasize why do people always blame the girl with this kind of controversies.

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