Liza Soberano Explains Her Finger Injury Got Infected

The beautiful Kapamilya actress Liza Soberano really has an amazing physical features that even without make up she really looks gorgeous and stunningly beautiful. She recently update everyone with her treatment on her injured fingers.

She had shared that she had undergone two surgeries done in just a day. The first one was an procedure where her the two bones on her finger are infused into one. While the other one is that they take a bone from her hip and put it in her finger.

She further explained that there was a lot of boneloss in her finger since bad bacterias have eaten away some of her bones because of her fractured and infected finger while some bones are already dead. She was very much grateful to all the people who sent her “get well soon messages”, for all the love and support and for all the prayers her fans and supporters had given her.

She had also admitted that she was not very active in social media since she doesn’t like using her phone for quite a long time every single but she is really trying to update every about her. She was also asked if she will be going home in the Philippines this month and she confirmed that it was on her plan to come back here in the Philippines for she terribly miss our country, everyone, she misses working and she miss her normal life. But it not, maybe it will be on the first week of August

Enrique Gil is also there for Liza and the couple didn’t fail to make every one and every single fan of them happy and excited to see them together in one room. The young actress thinks that she was literally in slow mo because she just came out from the recovery room and she felt drowsy on the medications given to her. But she never forgets to mention their supporters the “LizQuen”, “LizaQuen”, “Lizaviers”, “LizAngels”.

A lot of her fans were delighted that her manager Ogie Diaz had already announced about their upcoming projects but as of now she is still recovering with a series of follow-up checkups.

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