Liza Soberano Temporary Forgets Enrique Gil After Finger Operation

Liza Soberano also known as Hope Elizabeth Soberano in real life is a 21-year-old Filipino-American actress, model, and singer. She was born to a Filipino father named John Castillo Soberano who hails from Pangasinan and her American mother named Jacqulyn Elizabeth Hanley. She grew up in Visalia, California by her grandparents when her parents separated. It was in 2008 when she was 10-years-old when she went to the Philippines to live with her father and relatives

At a very tender age of 12 years old when she was offered a lot of opportunities to model for print ads. At 13 years old, she was spotted by a talent scout and was introduced her to the popular showbiz personality and comedian, Ogie Diaz who is also her current talent manager. At that time she was not very fluent speaking in Tagalog that is why he encouraged her to become fluent in the language for her to be able to have good television and film projects here in the Philippines. It was in 2011 when she made her acting debut in the fantasy-drama, comedy anthology “Wansapanataym”.

She had a breakthrough after she was given an opportunity to portray her first leading role in the hit romantic comedy television series “Forevermore” in 2014. She portrayed as Maria Agnes Calay, a strawberry farmer together with actor Enrique Gil, who played as Alexander “Xander” Grande III who was a hotel company heir who became Agnes’ love interest. Because of their fame, Liza and Enrique had been given a lot of projects in films and television ever since. A lot of her fans and supporters had also been very excited by the news about her getting the role of Darna. But unfortunately, she withdraws from it because of her injured right index finger she got while filming for “Bagani” before.

A lot of people became worried but they wished for the Kapamilya actress to get better. She had recently posted a video online about her recent condition as she flew to Los Angeles in the United States for her treatment. She revealed that she had undergone her second surgery already. On her viral video that was shared on Twitter by a netizen and was credited to Jonilyn Castillo. She was lying on a hospital bed while Enrique can be heard calling her name but Liza replied with a funny question asking who he was.
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