Loving Boyfriend Serves as a Human Chair for his Tired Girlfriend

Love is one of the most powerful and the most wonderful thing every one of us could ever experience. Many of us can surely relate to the fact that when you are in love, it seems that everything was perfect and everything seems to fall into their proper places. Who wouldn’t want to feel loved by the same person you really loved the most with all your heart?

Being in love is such a great blessing, and a great inspiration to many people not just at work, or while you are studying, but with your everyday routine. It felt like you can do anything, and that you can possibly do everything when you are in love. No wonder that this man can actually be a “human chair” for his beloved girlfriend who was tired. He had positioned himself like a chair at a very busy street of New York for his tired girlfriend to be comfortable and convenient. The poor boyfriend also has a lot of shopping bags on both hands while making his girl comfortable.

Their video went viral on different social media platforms and it also garnered a lot of comments and reactions from the netizens. Some people were very disappointed that the girl doesn’t seem to realize that her boyfriend was tired as she was. Some commented that she doesn’t even have a check on her boyfriend if he was alright or not. She just simply sit on him in front of a huge crowd and talk to her phone as if she was really sitting on a real chair.

There are people who commented about the poor situation of the man who sacrificed a lot for the girl and he doesn’t seem to see his own worth. He could have been with another girl who knows his worth and who can also share hard times in life. This video serves as a great inspiration and lesson for many people especially young couples out there to value those people who take care of you and who loves you because you can never see their worth until they are totally gone for good.

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