Netizens Reacts to PBB Diana Mackey's Mom Reaction Towards Melai Cantiveros

In the reality show of the Pinoy Big Brother edition, there will always be nominees to be evicted weekly, and part of the flow of the program is after the announcement of the eviction a relative, a parent, or a sibling will be present to welcome the evictee into the real world, but prior to this, there will be a sort of short interview that will be done by the host, and ask series of questions on what are the views of this relative towards the PBB evictee and his or her performance inside the house.

On the recent eviction night, there has been a series of revolts coming from the audience and televiewers on how the PBB host, Melai Cantiveros was treated by the mother of the evictee. During this time, the evictee was Diana Mackey, “Adventurous Anak ng Taguig City”. The disappointment was very transparent on the face of the mother, and she was not able to hold her emotions, maybe the reason was Diana was not able to make it to the Big 4.

Melai Cantiveros on the other hand tried to console the mother, but she was whisked away and some questions were not answered properly, and that marked a negative impression towards the mother of Diana. On the other hand, the mother did really feel bad on the results and she was not able to hold her emotions.

We may extend our sympathy towards the mother for she was no celebrity and it was a spur of the moment emotion that she did not help herself expressing what she really felt, and what was good was she was still there to support her daughter.

The brother of Diana on the name Kru Bryan posted on his Facebook account to defend their mother and apologize on her behalf. The post reads, “I'm sorry for how my mom reacted. She was not able to control her feelings. Sorry for what she said. Please forgive my mom. As her son, I am deeply saddened with how people judge her, questioning her way of raising us. Ang isang mali ay hindi kailanman sapat upang husgahan ang isang tao. My mom had a hard time accepting what had happened but it does not reflect how she taught us good manners… “Do not let this one incident be your only rock to throw at us. Thanks for understanding. Let's all have a great life!”What do you think? It would not hurt to be sympathetic right? Thank you for reading!
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