Ryan Bang Holding Hands With an Action Star Daughter :GALAWANG HOKAGE"

Bang Hyun-sung, professionally known as Ryan Bang here in the Philippines is a 28-year-old South Korean host, singer, comedian, actor and television personality active in the Philippine entertainment industry since 2010. He rose to prominence in the Philippines after he joined the reality show Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash of 2010, where he was declared as one of the runners-up. He hosted his first show, “3ow Powhz!” which aired from late 2010 until early 2011 on Studio 23. He is also a regular host of ABS-CBN's noontime variety show It's Showtime since 2012.

He was admired and loved by many Filipino people because of his love for our country as well as his admiration for many Filipino people all over the world. He was also deeply in love with our beautiful places and tourist destinations here in the Philippines as well as our delectable and mouth-watering dishes.

Despite all the beautiful and amazing things he experienced here in our country, he was very vocal about his social status nowadays that he has been single for about three years now. He also made fun about it saying that he had already saved enough money to have a girlfriend again after those long years of loneliness. No wonder that he felt really surprised to say how beautiful the daughter of action star Jeric Raval who participated in one of the segments of Its Showtime.

He felt more excited as Jhong Hilario made a way for him to hold the beautiful lady’s hand as their identity was hidden. A lot of “madlang people” were very delighted on Ryan’s cuteness and how obvious he seems to had a crush on the gorgeous and stunning daughter of Jeric Raval also known as “Jab Well Done” on the show’s segment.

Ryan had also told her that he can do anything she would tell him to do as long as she will be the one to take care of her father because Ryan is afraid of her father who was a famous action star in the Philippine show business industry. We are all very excited to see Ryan Bang to be blessed with a very special person perfect for him.
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