Science Revealed That Washing Dishes Decreases Stress Level

Stress here and stress everywhere. Even when you are already at the comfort of your home, you can easily get stressed by so many things around you. There are also some people or some scenarios who put you in such a stressful situation. There are actually a lot of negative effects we can get from stress. Many people get sick and lower their immune system when stressed. Some people also develop some severe diseases especially because they are stressed with so many things and they eventually forget to take care of themselves.

But would you really believe that stress levels can be decreased by mindfully washing dishes? Yes! It’s true. Washing our dishes at home can really lessen our stress levels according to a study. Many of us are all guilty of being so lazy to wash our dishes but it actually has a beneficial effect on us.

The study was done by a group of researchers from Florida State University who observed 51 students wash dishes. Before they began the study, half of the students were asked to read a short mindfulness dishwashing passage while the other half read a short descriptive dishwashing passage. The author of the study and a doctoral candidate in FSU College of Education’s Counseling/School Psychology program, Adam Hanley said that he was really interested in how the mundane activities in life could be used to promote a mindful state and to increase an overall sense of well-being.

The researchers revealed that people who “mindfully” washed their dishes or those people who focused on smelling the soap or feeling the water temperature increased their feelings of inspiration by 25% and decreased their nervousness levels by 27%. “It appears that an everyday activity approached with intentionality and awareness may enhance the state of mindfulness,” the author of the study further explained.

Now that we discovered this beneficial effect of washing dishes, we will surely enjoy washing our dishes every single day without the hard feelings of doing it over and over again for so many times. It is the time for us to have our own natural way to lessen the stress levels in our bodies nowadays that had been a reason for so many kinds of diseases and sickness many people experienced.
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