Thai Beauty Queen Described "Catriona Gray " As Fat in Her IG Story Post

In our society nowadays, people tend to focus on judging and comparing people. Most of the time, people are judged by some of the people around them according to their physical appearances, their beliefs, and perspectives in life. Comparing our own lives and all the things we have with other people had also been one of the reasons why many people develop hard feelings and hatred towards another.

It was just very recently when a Thai beauty queen aspirant has insulted the reigning Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray. The latter was called fat by the Thai beauty queen aspirant, Coco Arayha Saparurk on her Instagram story. It garnered a lot of negative comments from people especially to the fans and supporters of the reigning Miss Universe Queen.

Coco Arayha Saparurk was bashed because of her offensive post about Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray comparing her to Miss Grand International 2018 Miss Paraguay who was very fit on her photo while Catriona is on the other side of the photo collage. It was obviously a body shaming post that Saparurk did and it had really earned the attention of a lot of people all over the world. But the reigning Miss Universe 2018 remained silent about the issue until one of her followers asked her opinion about body shaming and insulting other people because of their appearance.

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray posted and she quote, “Obviously I stand firmly against any form of bullying and bashing - online and off. It is never, ever okay to put someone down for the sake of "expressing your opinion". With words come to power and we should be using those words to build someone up and not pull them down. " the Filipina beauty queen title holder firmly replied.

Saparurk was recently crowned as Miss Grand Thailand International 2019 but what she did was really a body shaming strategy and it was never a good example to many young people in this generation. We should always be sensitive and responsible with all the things we say, act, and think most especially on the things that we post in different social media platforms that can also affect and hurt many people.

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