Vlogger / Actress kristel Fulgar Nahulog Sa Hagdan While Traveling in Korea

If you would be given the chance to travel to that one place where your ultimate actors live, where would you go first? The influence of the Koreans because of their Korean Dramas and their music videos had made a lot of impacts to Filipinos that one would like to go to the place where they have been.

Kristel Fulgar, one of the Philippine celebrities who also works as a vlogger tried to visit Korea for the second time. But this time around she will the travel the places alone, and to feature different places, her followers might be interested to see.

On this first installment, you will see how she roam around like a typical tourist, and good thing she can tour around like a normal person away from the staring eyes of the people around, except whenever she is holding her camera to document what is happening around her.

She started with when she arrived in the airport, and headed to the guest house where she will stay for five days. You will be surprised how well Kristel speaks Korean, that even the caretaker was surprised, and they were able to exchange a full conversation. The caretaker got curious with Kristel’s camera, and asked whether she is a YouTuber, maybe it had been very common to see one around Korea. But what is more surprising was when the caretaker got curious to look at her channel, and discovered she already has more than 500,000 followers! Well that is our Kristel!

She looked for a convenience store to buy herself a snack to eat for the night, and the next day she toured around and ate different street foods that can be found in Korea, and she even thought of her friends like Sue Ramirez to buy something for her, or looked for a merchandise which was requested by another friend. As she travelled, you can actually mistake her for a local for she spoke Korean very well!

On her next day, which is a Sunday, while preparing to leave for church, she had a tiny accident when she tripped on the stairs, and she really laughed it off and felt very stupid and careless. She even approached the caretaker to review the CCTV on her accident, and there she saw how it all happened.
Yet, the day shall continue and she headed to church where she found fellow churchmates, from a different congregation, and some of them accompanied her to do to KDrama location hunting, like the Coffee Prince, The Goblin’s Bride or Fight for My Way.She definitely had a great time, but her vlog was just the first installment, see her video to see her adventure! Enjoy!

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