Alleged Breakup Reason of John Lloyd Cruz and Ellen Adarna Surfaces Online

True enough that there is no permanent thing in this world aside from change itself. We may not be used to it, but believe it or not, we may have already experienced a lot of changes in our lives without even realizing that we surpass it all.

Even in the show business industry, popular celebrities also experienced a lot of changes from their careers, and even in their personal lives. We may also notice some of them who experienced failed relationships before with some other celebrities or even some popular personalities with their non-showbiz partners.

Just like the alleged break up of Ellen Adarna and John Lloyd Cruz. There were rumors about them calling it quits after they faced a lot of controversies and struggles in their journey together since their showbiz hiatus last 2017. And now, Ellen Adarna allegedly left the actor according to some reports that circulated in different social media platforms.

This rumors spread after it was reported by a local media channel. According to a report made by MJ Marfori of TV5’s Aksyon Prime, the hotel heiress left John Lloyd because of his “weirdness”. There were also reports from an entertainment editor of “Pilipino Star Ngayon”, Salvi Asis allegedly claimed that Ellen had filed a Temporary Restraining Order or TRO against John Lloyd Cruz. It had elicited mixed reactions from a lot of netizens, some commented that Ellen just wanted to have a child and so she decided to left the actor since she already gets what she wanted. Some netizens had also said that John Lloyd looked like an old hermit already that is why she left him already. Some even commented hilariously that Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd is really meant to be together.

Though there was still no confirmation from both sides, most of the people wanted their family to be happy together once again just like before. Because there will be no other priceless gift you can ever asked for  but a complete, loving, and happy family.

John Lloyd Cruz has been one of the best actors in the Philippines. But he suddenly left show business a year ago to focus on his partner Ellen Adarna and their son Elias Modesto and enjoying a simple and normal life as well. He made a comeback by endorsing “Turks”.
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