Bea Alonzo Receives "DINAGSA NG MARAMING PROJECTS" After Gerald-Julia Issue

Bea Alonzo finally speaks up after the viral statement of Kapamilya actress Julia Barretto lambasting one of the bankable actresses of the Kapamilya network. It can be remembered that Julia mentioned Bea’s name on her viral post a couple of weeks ago. Bea remained mum on the said post while a lot of her fans and supporters waited for her to comment on the young actresses’ presumptuous post.

And after almost a month, Bea finally updates her social media account and posted something about her which delighted a lot of her fans and supporters. She was very grateful to all the people who supported her and who express their love towards her amidst the heartbreaking issue she had been into. The 31-year-old Kapamilya actress from Cainta, Rizal posted a photo of her together with her mom when she was only one year old. On her caption, she reminisced all the precious and unforgettable memories she had back then.

The award-winning actress state that she found that picture at the middle of her home renovation. She was browsing at their old photos for the pictures that they will include in their family wall. Her mother was carrying her at that time and she has the biggest smile then as she was enjoying her chocolate given to her by her grandmother. She also mentioned that she was not born with a single spoon in her mouth but she was raised knowing that she was loved.

Netizens praised her for being so grateful and strong after all the difficulties and heartaches she went through. She was admired by many people as she is already moving forward and she was indeed very grateful for all the blessing she has now and a lot more blessings to come.

She is currently working for her upcoming film and television series. She will be starred in a movie together with Kapamilya actor Richard Gutierrez and Kapamilya actress Angelica Panganiban. She is indeed one of the most sought after Kapamilya actresses who has a lot of endorsements before and even until now. As many brand companies knew that the public especially the netizens sympathizes with her and having her as a brand endorser will greatly benefit their company.
Bea Alonzo Receives "DINAGSA NG MARAMING PROJECTS" After Gerald-Julia Issue Bea Alonzo Receives "DINAGSA NG MARAMING PROJECTS" After Gerald-Julia Issue Reviewed by Boom on 8:23 PM Rating: 5

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