Cherry Pie Picache Forgives , Earned Praises from Netizens

We may often hear these words to many people saying that we have our own cross to carry in our lifetime. Some people thought that the cross actually means burdens, problems, and all the hardships in life we can encounter in this world. But when we thought that we are already experiencing a lot of struggles in life and we felt really helpless, it never comes to our mind that there was this person who was experiencing a lot more challenge, pain, and struggles in life.

Just like what this popular actress had experienced a couple of years ago. Cherry Pie Sison Picache is a 49-year-old award-winning Filipino actress who has starred television and in mainstream and independent films and has worked as a print and TV commercial model for Palmolive, Camay, and Eskinol. She was admired by many people because of her amazing acting skills, professionalism, and passion in her craft. But who would have thought that her successful life will be torn into pieces as her beloved mother will experience such an awful incident that would cost the 75-year-old Nanay Zenaida her own life?

It was on September 19, 2014 when Cherry Pie’s life turned from top to the very bottom as she didn’t know what to feel, what to say nor what to react on what happened to her mom  because of that heartless person who was later known to be Michael Flores whom the old woman met at a salon. According to some reports, the main reason for Michael was to rob the old woman but ended up doing something very unforgivable to the old woman who done  nothing but good to him. Nanay Zenaida is Cherry Pie’s mother but because of Michael, she passed away so suddenly that brought so much heartache and pain to the actress as well as their whole family.

Cherry Pie would recall her mother being so strong and admirableraising  her four "anaks" even the fact that her  husband left them.  Cherry Pie described her mom as the most loving mom ever.

It is very hard to forgive someone who have done something wrong  to us, But what Cherry Pie Picachie did , she surprised everyone when she forgive the man who is the reason why she looses her mom. "Paano ako mapapatawad ni God sa mga nagawa ko, kung hindi ako marunong magpatawad" 
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