Dani Barretto Says Joshua Garcia Cheated on Julia Too?

The twitter world can really be an avenue where you can get the latest scope for a juicy celebrity news. If you are updated to what is happening around, you can decode the messages of the celebrities, and the social media is one place where people is too updated to look and watch on how these stories would unfold.

Before the end of July, certain photos were uploaded by a netizen with Julia Barretto being with Gerald Anderson on a party of Rayver Cruz. This went all over social media, and people speculated that there is something going on between the two, and cheating on their respective partners.

It is known to all that Julia Barretto is Joshua Garcia’s girlfriend, while Gerald Anderson is in a relationship with Bea Alonzo. They all belong on the same channel, yet, maybe the two (Julia and Gerald) discovered their chemistry when they made a film together, Between Maybes.

Then, last August 4 a concerned netizen uploaded a photo of Joshua eating alone during the afterparty of the ASAP casts in San Francisco, California which gained the sympathy of the netizens. Which Julia did not pass, she commented how people tries to make Joshua look pitiful wherein the guy decided to eat alone and have fun alone.

Yet, some netizens cannot help but to comment on how cruel Julia had been to Joshua after all this time. Like this one by @Maycabellss “Sino ba naman kasing tao ang gusto pa makasama yung taong nanakit sakanya? Kahit ako eh mas gusto ko na mag isa kesa makasama yung taong nanakit sakin at magpanggap na okay.”

Though the netizens were given the opportunity to freely express their opinions on a certain issue, of course we can expect that there will be people who will try to defend someone. And that is where Julia Barretto’s sister would come in. Dani Barretto has been very transparent in defending her younger sister against those people who tries to bash her.

So, in her reply, “Oh let me correct myself. Nakarinig ba kayo ng paninira galling sa kapatid ko the first time he cheated on her too? Oh hindi moa lam yun noh? Marami kasi kayong hindi alam. Kaya manahimik na lang kayo.  “

Do we still need more juicy information on this story? Or is Julia’s sister post an admission that Julia also cheated, and she and Joshua is already even since he cheated on Julia? What do you think?

source: FashionPulis
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