Erwan Heusaff Reacts To Anne Curtis "PASEKSI" Movie "Just A Stranger"

Today, August 21, 2019, is the release of a daring romantic drama film entitled “Just A Stranger” by Viva Films, written and directed by Jason Paul Laxamana. It was top-billed by Kapamilya actress and host Anne Curtis together with Marco Gumabao and was filmed in Lisbon, Portugal.

The said film garnered a lot of comments and reactions from the public as it was really a daring movie wherein Anne Curtis’ character, Mae would fell in love with Marco Gumabao’s character Jericho who was actually half her age. Mae is already married and it was a sin to have a forbidden relationship with another man, a young man who is Jericho and it is where the story begins.

There were some people who had already watched the movie and many of them were surprised with the amazing portrayal of Anne Curtis. Most of them praised the award-winning actress while many of them throw negative comments on her. There were also some people who were very curious about how Anne Curtis’ husband in real life, Erwann Heussaff would feel upon seeing the movie. Will he be jealous or mad upon watching his wife doing such daring role? He already answered these thoughts as he commented in one of his interviews about what he felt on his wife’s newest movie.

And he quotes: “No need to throw around words like disrespect or dictate what a person should or shouldn’t do after getting married.”, the blogger and restaurateur quipped.

“I’ve known my wife as an actress since day one and I have the utmost admiration for what she does. End of story. I don’t feel awkward or uncomfortable when watching these movies (you guys commenting make it awkward),” he further explained on his Instagram as there were netizens saying a lot of negative things towards his wife.

“So, let’s stop talking about marriage like it needs to change people. Most successful marriages I know are those where both parties kept their identity intact and grew as a couple.”, he continued.

Erwann shared his thoughts on the comment section of Anne Curtis’ Instagram post with a poster of their upcoming movie. It garnered a lot of unsupportive comments from the public and many people were also discouraging him to watch the movie as he may feel awkward or he may really feel bad to see his wife doing some intimate scenes with her co-artist on-screen but he was still a very supportive and loving husband to his wife that a lot of people really admired.

Erwan Heusaff Reacts To Anne Curtis "PASEKSI" Movie "Just A Stranger" Erwan Heusaff Reacts To Anne Curtis "PASEKSI" Movie "Just A Stranger" Reviewed by Boom on 1:00 AM Rating: 5

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