Gerald Anderson Reveals Breakup Reason With Bea Alonzo

Before the news would be aired tomorrow, here is a latest scope on Gerald Anderson issue. It has been the talk of the netizens all over the social media on what had happened between him and her leading lady on the film, Between Maybes, with Julia Barretto.

When some of their “sweet photos” where uploaded on the social media, and people would start making speculations that the two might have had already a relationship and cheated on their respective partners.

Joshua Garcia, Julia Barretto’s boyfriend, remained silent in all this, the same with Gerald Anderson’s three-year girlfriend, Bea Alonzo. Though we have never heard any from them, they seem to react on certain posts from netizens which may confirm that they know what is happening.

And Bea Alonzo now posts cryptic messages on her Instagram account, “’you can’t make the same mistake twice, the second time you make it, it’s not a mistake anymore, it’s a choice’ ENOUGH.”
Though this post can be taken on different situations, yet, this has been very timely on what had happened with the uploaded photos. And when Bea Alonzo finally has spoken regarding the issue, she just answered, “did not break up, (Gerald) just started not talking to me”.

 From this statement, the tow did not have any closure with their relationship, and from this statement the netizens coined the word “ghosting”, where an individual already stopped communicating with you.

But when its Gerald Anderson’s turn to speak in an interview, which will be aired tomorrow, he mentioned that there is no third party involved why their relationship has broken apart. He said that this is due to personal issues, and different arguments which piled up until they had this major argument that they were not able to resolve.

Yet netizens thought otherwise, and they are still convinced that there is really a third party involved in this break up, so we only need Joshua Garcia’s statement to give clarity on this issue. What do you think? We would be glad to hear your comments!
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