Ivana Alawi Admits A handsome Kapamilya Actor is Courting her

ere are very few people who have what it takes to be in the show business industry and to stay on it for a longer period of time than other famous personalities. No wonder that a lot of celebrity aspirants do whatever it takes and did a lot of effort to be in the show business industry even at a very tender age. They say that this is one of the easiest ways to succeed in life and to uplift someone’s family to a better future.

No wonder that Ivana Alawi already has a lot of fans and supporters even if she entered show business a few years ago. Recently with her interview with the veteran host Boy Abunda, she revealed so much about her that not so many people knew already. She was asked if the former actor and politician Congressman Dan Fernandez is actually courting her. But the sexy actress pointed out that they go out with friends but the two of them are not really romantically involved with each other because she doesn’t want a womanizer man and she hilariously laughs after.

There was also this game where host Boy Abunda would describe an actor or a celebrity and Ivana will answer who was it and if he is courting her or had been courted by that guy. The first guy she answered correctly was Kit Thompson, her love interest on their on-going television series “Sino ang May Sala?”. She commented that he already has a girlfriend and she doesn’t want to ruin any relationship.

The second one was RK Bagatsing, though she finds him cute, she said that he was not courting her. If given a chance that the “Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit” actor would have courted her in the future, she would definitely agree and let him because she really finds him cute.The third one was Coco Martin who was described by Ivana as a hottie and she had also revealed that she had a crush on him. The fourth one was the most controversial movie actor today but she just decided not to say anything about him and just to be silent. Edu Manzano was the fifth one, the childhood crush of Ivana.

With all of the handsome men listed from above, she said that no one among them is actually courting her. She then revealed that she doesn't want to name the sexy Kapamilya actor who was currently courting her as it might be interrupted by she assured everyone that if they ended up together she will definitely share it to everyone.
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