Jon Gutierrez Misses Wife , Dedicates New Song To Jelai Andres

Internet Star Jelai Andres and Ex Batallion member Jon Gutierrez was one of the most admired online couples in our country before. Unfortunately, their beautiful love story already came to an end. The "JoLai" love team had been into a big problem a couple of months ago that resulted in their break up as husband and wife. In one of Jelai's exclusive interview with Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP), she admitted that it was in the year 2015 when they became official as a couple. But in 2016, she discovered that he had another woman but she decided to forgive him. Until they tied the knot in October 2018 believing that Jon really change and had learned from his mistakes.

But in just a couple of month after their wedding, Jelai shocked a lot of their fans and supporters that she was already ending their relationship through a Facebook live on March 24 which she later uploads on YouTube. Jelai confirmed on her video that she learned about her husband having an affair with another woman even though they are already married. As of this writing Jelai's viral video already garnered more than 2.4 million views and ranks 22nd on the most trending videos on YouTube.

The popular comedienne and Internet star revealed that she will never accept her husband again despite their marriage even without knowing if it was her husband's fault or not. She told on her interview with PEP that their marriage feels like a beautiful dream before, just like in fairytales that endings will always be a happy one for the lead characters. But she was wrong as it actually became her greatest nightmare. She strongly stands on her decision of loving and respecting herself more than being in such a relationship with her husband.

After a couple of months, Jon Gutierrez posted a video of him singing his heart out expressing how he really missed his wife Jelai. The viral video already earned several comments and reactions from the public. True enough that there were still some people who express their emotions through singing and through their songs. Jelai was planning to legalized their separation but until now some of their supporters are hoping for their reconciliation. There were wounds that cannot be easily healed especially when it really scarred someone so much, but we still don't know what tomorrow can offer.

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