Julia Barreto Breaks Silence, Gave A Message To Bea Alonzo

The online community was really surprised with all the controversies that Julia Barretto had been dragged into in the past few weeks. And now, she finally spoke up about the issues and defended herself from all the not so good comments she received since the Bea-Gerald-Julia issue surfaced!

The 22-year old daughter of Marjorie Barretto and Dennis Padilla posted on her social media account her answers to all the accusations people pointed on her. According to her, many people doesnt like her  because of two issues: the first one was she had allegedly cheated on her boyfriend, and the second one was that she was the reason of another relationship’s break up.

She had clearly explained that she and Joshua had broken up four months ago already and that there was no third party involved as it was their mutual decision. With that, everything she will do now in her private life and even in her love life will never be considered as cheating anymore and should never be an issue to anyone. She had also believed that Gerald had already made it clear that there was no third issue involved on his break-up with Bea Alonzo.

Julia mentioned Bea that being a woman with great influence she should not made her hands clean by not mentioning Julia’s name on her controversial posts as she had encouraged a lot of people to be mad at her and to point their fingers at her which results on destroying her and her family through harsh and painful words and negative comments.

The young Kapamilya actress also added that her post was not enough, to sum up, everything that she and her family had been into. Although she experienced this kind of treatment in the industry she made sure that she will not be leaving the industry which she really love the most. Her controversial post garnered a lot of comments and reactions from the netizens. Many people are still hoping that the parties involved will have their own private time to settle all things for the sake of their own careers and for their peace of mind as well.

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  1. If inosente,magsalita agad. Hwag na manahimik lang tapos kung saan p lumala ang issue saka magsalita. Di n sana gumana mga imahinasyon ng tao at gumawa ng haka2x kung ngsalita na agad. Kung wala edi wala,tapos!

    1. Kung kelan kasi tahimik na saka sya pumutak anu papansin lng teh...too late to defend their self pra saan pa ba yng mga explanations nila pra maghugas kamay dn kya pati ung iba na na2himik dinadamay nila pra may mapagbuntungan lng. Saan ba humuhugot ng kapal ng mukha c Ateh "J" at Kuya "G" wake up guys accept the fact na mern kyng nagawang pagka2mali& Stop blaming other people

  2. Papansin ka lang te ? 😅😅
    Saka ka bbanat ng ganyan kng kelan nanahimik na si Bea . Dapat nung post sya ng post saka ka nagpost ng ganyan .. 💩💩💩

  3. Kailangan nga nman dapat pataposin mag salita ung nakakatanda Bago mag salita ung nakaka Bata... Kaya un ginawa ni Julia...ano ba mga tets.. Wala na kayo SA Lugar mag judge linis ka te?😁😁

  4. Move on nlang KC te (Bea)wag Nang masyadong
    Pa victim naiipit c Julia SA ginagawa mo Bata pa c Julia kaw na umintindi..ganun tagalaga Ang buhay.

  5. ai nag usap cla ni gerald kc nung tapus ng magsalita c gerald tungkol sa issue eh bumanat din sya😂😂 lukuhin nyuh sarili nyuh jan..

  6. Wla ata magawa nag cocomment dito 😅 unahin niyo sarili niyo bago kau mag salita jn hnd niyo alm mga ng yayari side by side okay ang o o e niyo 😂

  7. hahahaaah malandi katalaga te alam mo my gf sana umiwas ka sana hindi ka nagpacute at sana hindi ka nagpadala kay gerald babaero yan te baka next mabalitaan namin iniwan kang luhaan ...goodluck