Julia Barretto Ends Issue With Her Latest Interview

Julia Barretto was indeed one of the most controversial celebrities in the past months as her name was dragged in some issues regarding Kapamilya artists Bea Alonzo, Gerald Anderson, and Joshua Garcia. On her recent interview with ABS-CBN entertainment reporter, MJ Felipe. The young actress revealed that she is now in the healing process and moving forward stage. She also added that it was never an easy battle for her, her family and the families of other parties involved. The public was shocked as she revealed and clarified things by herself saying that Gerald has never been her boyfriend, and was not even her boyfriend now. Therefore, she did not deprive any man to any woman, she did not betray anybody, nor flirted with anyone. She also said that Gerald never courted her and which in her belief, people can definitely wait for the right and proper time for that. It can also be remembered that Julia and Joshua Garcia admitted their mutual decision with their break-up and that they will remain as the best of friends supporting each other.

When asked about the reason behind her break-up with Joshua Garcia, she pointed out that it was not a third party nor any other person involved in their mutual decision to end their relationship as they were still very young and they also wanted to pursue a lot of things in life and for them to protect each other they decided to finish everything between them in the most appropriate way. She did not want to take all the pain and all the burden all by herself as there were also some people who were also affected by the hurtful issues and intrigues. The 22-year-old actress did not want to point fingers on anybody and wanted them to respect each other’s pain.  A lot of netizens were really surprised that Julia already admitted that she and Gerald was never an item and the pain they were going through was really not a simple thing to be talked about by everyone. It was true that they were all hurt but we should never forget that they also have their own families who were also affected by the intrigues they are experiencing even until now.
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