Maui Taylor Trends In Social Media With Jowa Challenge With A Pro Basketball Player

The 24-hour mag-jowa challenge is one of the most trending challenges in social media nowadays. It is a dare where a woman or man would ask someone to be their boyfriend or girlfriend for the next 24 hours. By accepting the challenge, two people who are not really in a relationship status would pretend to be romantically involved in 24 hours. They are going to do the things that real couples do such as holding hands, eating their favorite food, being sweet and caring to each other as well as calling each other through a sign of endearment including babe, love, honey, among others.

There were several famous personalities to had already tried this challenge and most of them really amazed and astounded a lot of social media viewers. There were also videos of “24-hour mag-jowa challenge” that garnered an enormous number of likes, comments, and reactions from the public. One of the most recent personalities who accepted the challenge is Maui Taylor and Bigmac Andaya. They really had fun being sweet and caring to each other. They were also sitting beside each other at the plane as they were going to Sorsogon. They call each other “Babe” and they also eat together just like any normal couple does. Bigmac together with other Kapamilya stars will be having their basketball game there while Maui will also be doing a performance for her work.

As they continue the challenge, Maui introduces her ex-boyfriend Jordan Herrera as well as her “current” boyfriend Bigmac. They have done a lot of things and a lot of sweet gestures as a couple. As a matter of fact, Maui cheered for her boyfriend Bigmac as he was playing their game together with some Kapamilya actors including Joross Gamboa, Joko Diaz, Jayson Gainza, Jeric Rava, Michael Roy Jornales, Emilio Garcia, Mark Anthony Fernandez and many more.

Maureen Anne Tupaz, professionally known as Maui Taylor is a 36-year-old actress, model, and singer from the United Kingdom. Many of us knew that she was a former member of the girl group Viva Hot Babes in 2003 together with Katya Santos, Andrea del Rosario, Kristine Jaca, Sheree, Gwen Garci, Jen Rosendahl, Myles Hernandez, and Hazel Cabrera. She now has two adorable sons namely Antoine Miguel and Matteo Alonzo, with her non-showbiz partner, Anton Sabarre, a DJ and a businessman.
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