Mom of Gerald Anderson Reacts To The Issue "AYAW KITA PARA SA ANAK KO"

A mother would always protect and defend her dear child from any harm. And in any issue, she would be the one to fight and do battle for the sake of her own child. And that is something very much admirable.

Amidst the issue among the Kapamilya stars, Julia Barretto, Gerald Anderson, and Bea Alonzo, the issue still has not died down, and more people are getting involved where netizens are being so much affected with how Gerald and Julia seemed to start a relationship where the two of them has their own respective relationships.

The parties were able to explain their sides, Julia has posted several statements online and she earned netizens who hated her, while some defended her side. Gerald on the other hand, shared in an interview that there is no third party on his break up with Bea Alonzo.

At this point, the mother of Gerald Anderson, Mommy Evangeline Opsima or Mommy Vangie felt the need to speak in behalf of her beloved son. She finally shared how she felt about her son’s previous relationship and how she did not agree of her. And she doesn’t approve of hearing or learning that Bea is making the image of Gerald bad for the public, wherein Gerald did not do anything to damage Bea’s reputation.

She also noted how Bea’s make-up artist tell insults against her son. Well, any parent would feel bad hearing something bad was being said against her child right, so we could not blame Mommy Vangie here.

She also recalled that Bea would always be a topic of argument she always had with her son. She also acknowledged Julia and Gerald’s relationship, but she has been vocal that she also doesn’t approve of this relationship because of their age difference, and she advises Julia to keep her distance from Gerald.

 Though, she knows for a fact that these statements will upset her son, she apologizes in advance because her intention is to clear the name of her son.

Netizens were divided, some sympathizes with Mommy Vangie while the others disapprove her action, because Gerald is already old enough to fight his own battle.

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