Proud Student Posted Photo of His Beautiful Teacher Gone Viral

There had been a lot of things we learn from social media nowadays. It was not just about communicating with a long lost friend or with a family member working in another foreign country but it can also be a platform for advertisements, to fame and popularity among others. There were a lot of people who literally had changed their lives a lot because of social media. Some of their photos went viral on different social media platforms, several television programs featured their stories, and they were finally given a chance to showcase to everyone what they got.

And now, one of the trendiest thing on social media is the word “flex” wherein you are going to share photos of a person or anything you want under the sun because you wanted to give them a shoutout or you are just so proud of it to share to everybody especially to the online community. Just like what this student did which became the reason why his teacher’s photo went viral online.
The student has a Twitter username Aze@artzelbrian, he posted a stolen shot of his teacher as she seems to be discussing something in front of the class. He shared the picture with a caption and he wrote: “Flex ko lang adviser namin”. The photo instantly garnered enormous comments and reactions from the netizens. There were some netizens who admired the teacher’s beauty and at a very young age, she already pursues one of the noblest profession anyone could be dreaming of. There were also some people who commented that male students would definitely be enthusiastic in going to school everyday especially when they have a teacher as beautiful as she is. Some netizens even pleaded the Department of Education to hire more beautiful teachers as there will be no more students that will be tardy at school.

The viral beautiful teacher was later known as “AL @amalialinsc“ on Twitter and she hilariously commented that her students should have informed her so that she can pose a little better and would have not looked like a pregnant woman because of the candid shot. A lot of people noticed that her eyes and Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray really looks similar.

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