Raffy Tulfo Gives Honest Opinion to Gerald, Bea, Julia Issue

There were a number of issues that made rounds in different social media platforms every single day but nothing can actually beat the issue about these famous celebrities who were dragged into controversies because of some cheating allegations as well as allegedly being a third party of a popular couple’s break-up.

This issue was all about Julia Barretto, Bea Alonzo, and Gerald Anderson. A lot of netizens could not help but expressed their opinions about these celebrities’ personal issues. There were rumors about Julia Barretto currently dating with her co-star in “Between Maybes”, Gerald Anderson. Those rumors started when sweet photos of them together circulated in different social media platforms.

Actress Bea Alonzo had also liked some photos of them together that sparks different reactions from the public. Bea Alonzo is the girlfriend of Gerald Anderson for more than two years now. And it really made everyone surprised as Bea Alonzo revealed that it was not true that Gerald broke up with her because he just started not talking to her. The public sympathizes Bea and throws hateful comments and reactions to Julia and Gerald which resulted in Gerald finally breaking his silence and Julia defending herself a day after Gerald was interviewed.

And now, one of the most popular broadcast journalist wanted to invite the three of them on his popular radio program, “Wanted Sa Radyo” to solve things over. Idol Raffy was also interviewed and he was asked what would he advise them if ever they would come on his popular program to solve this matter. And he sincerely commented that Petra’s possession should always be Petra’s and Maria’s possession should always be with her or else there will literally be chaos. He had also advised the two actresses that they are very beautiful and they deserve a man who would never hurt them. He even cracks a joke about Gerald if ever he has any “anting-anting” for him to be loved and admired by two lovely and talented women, many people especially men would literally buy it even if it cost a million peso just to be like Gerald.
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