Remenber Ningning ? Netizens Said She is The Future Liza Soberano

Parenting is not an easy job.There will be times that you feel that your children needs to be mature and grow old as soon as possible, but on the other hand, there are also time that you  wishes that your kids  to stay "being kids" for a much longer time. Unfortunately, time flies so fast, either we like it or not, time will come that our little angels will turned intoa responsible adults and will start their own journey in their own life. So cherish every moments with them.

Just like "Ning ning', the cute little girl who ticled many hearts few years ago. She now  turned into a beautiful young lady. Ningning who is  Jana Agoncillo in real life was known for her angelic face and cute irrestible voice on her TV series such as "Ningning" and "Dream Dad"  with Zanjoe Marudo and Beauty Gonzales.

A lot of people were really astounded by her talent. As a matter of fact, the director of the two television series once admitted that Jana;s talent is skillsets are very unique . Ginny Ocampo, a business unit head also admitted that jana is a complete package artist. She both have the talent and the humor at a very tender age. It was back in 2015 when she received an award and was recognized as the “Best Female TV Personality” at the 29th Star Awards for Television. She won over other nominated celebrities including Maris Racal, Loisa Andalio, Stephanie Yamut, MJ Lastimosa, and the other half of AlDub loveteam, Maine Mendoza.

From being a cute and adorable star, she is now becoming to be a more independent and mature lady. She was still very loving and beautiful just like when she was little and portraying roles where she really excelled. Not so many people are blessed to have such a blessing having amazing talents, adorable personality, and beautiful appearance. She can definitely the next most admired and sought-after young actress in the show business industry and many people were excited for that to happen.

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